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Featured AMA Advisors

Monthly AMA's (ask me anything) with SaaS experts.
Summer '23 Topics: AI & Finance Scarcity.

  • Mike1
    Mike Williams
    AI Marketing Expert

    Marketing AI | Marketing Strategist | Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurial Management

  • 1644408582149
    James Turner
    Venture Debt Expert

    Founder & CEO at 5th Line Capital | Venture Debt Raising for Growth-Stage Companies

Core Advisors

  • Brandon gains photo
    Brandon Gains
    Marketing Expert

    SaaS and AdTech Marketing Leader | Product Marketing | Demand Generation

  • Profile pic
    Ajay Sridharan
    Product Expert

    Product and development leader | Owner of multiple SaaS companies

  • Screen shot 2023 06 27 at 3.03.26 pm
    Nick French
    Finance Expert

    Fractional CFO | Scaling FinOps, Driving Growth and Raising Capital

  • Mark
    Mark Henderson
    Operations Expert

    SaaS CEO & Founder | Startup Investor & Mentor | Owner of multiple SaaS companies

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